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Would you like to know all about tooth decay? If so, you have come to the right blog. Today, our dentist, Dr. Joel Wiersum, is happy to tell you all about tooth decay, which is also known as a cavity, because the more you know, the better. Tooth decay is a serious and dangerous dental issue that should be avoided as much as possible. To tell you all about tooth decay, our dentist is happy to share the following facts:

-Tooth decay is caused by plaque, and plaque thrives on sugar and carbohydrates. Plaque is a sticky, white substance that adheres to the teeth and gumline. It can even reside between your teeth. It’s very important to remove the plaque on a daily basis.

-In order to remove the plaque, you need to brush twice a day and floss once a day. But, if the plaque is left on the smile for a long period of time, then it’s very hard to remove. A professional dental cleaning is the only way to remove it at this point.

-You can treat your tooth decay, but the treatment used depends on the severity of the decay. If the cavity is small and simple, a dental filling can be used. If the cavity is more complex, a dental crown can be used. If the cavity infected the internal structures of the tooth, root canal therapy can be used. If the cavity damaged the entire tooth, extraction might be necessary.

-Tooth decay can spread, so it’s important to treat it immediately.

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