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Have you ever heard of TMJs before? A TMJ, also referred to as a temporomandibular joint, is a pivotal joint in your mouth located in your jaw that is essential for making your mouth function properly. Your TMJs are responsible for the movement of your mouth, including its ability to chew food properly and to open and close your mouth as required. Unfortunately, TMJs are complex, and damage can often occur to them, giving rise to a TMJ disorder. If a TMJ disorder is present, it is important to receive the appropriate treatments and minimize future TMJ risks by understanding the causes that lead to them.

If you routinely yourself suffering from jaw and facial pain, it could be linked to issues with your TMJs. Oftentimes, a TMJ disorder is linked to an underlying condition that is causing it. Several types of TMJ disorders are as follows:
– arthritis
– dislocations in your jaw
– misalignments with your teeth or your jaw
– constant chewing on your nails
– trying to chew through hard foods
– chewing gum
– bruxism

In order to effectively prevent further damage from occurring to your TMJs, avoid all bad habits and set up an effective treatment plan to care for your smile. Just as ice packs can be used to alleviate pain associated with TMJ disorders, ice packs can be used to lower inflammation and swelling. Other treatments that can be used for TMJ disorders include jaw strengthening exercises, meditative practices and the use of oral appliances such as night guards and bite plates.

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