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Your mouth guard can help you prevent oral injuries when you’re on the field, court or mat. However, that’s only the case if you properly care for your appliance. If you keep your appliance in tip-top shape, it can help keep you in tip-top shape! So, our dentist, Dr. Joel Wiersum, strongly recommends cleaning and caring for your mouth guard regularly. You can do so by doing the following things:

-Step No. 1: Clean your mouth guard after each time you use it. You can do so by gently scrubbing it with a soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste. If you do not have oral hygiene tools handy, you can rinse the appliance with water, but you need to remember to clean it later when you get home.

-Step No. 2: After you clean the guard, it’s important to place it in a protective case and put it somewhere you won’t lose it. You should also avoid placing it in a warm or hot environment. The heat can warp the appliance and change its fit.

-Step No. 3: Avoid chewing on the mouth guard because it can affect the fit and formation. If you can, replace your mouth guard at the beginning of each season. Typically, mouth guards collect plaque, and plaque can harm the smile. So, it’s best to replace the guard regularly.

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