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If for any reason you lack any teeth at all, it could lead to a severe downturn in your oral health. Not only can it put you at an increased risk for tooth decay and gum disease, but missing teeth can often hinder speaking and eating skills as well as cause a downturn in your jaw bone strength. Depending on the location of the missing teeth, they can cause your jaw to sink in and make you look older than you should. Thus, replacing missing teeth is paramount for improving your smile. One highly effective treatment that is proven to be beneficial for many decades is dentures.

Dentures have come a long way in recent years, now can be crafted to be extremely comfortable and extremely form-fitting. Furthermore, they can be crafted and designed to look just like natural teeth. However, they are removable, so it is important to exercise caution to ensure you do not damage them. Whenever removing your dentures, handle them with care, so they do not chip or crack. Furthermore, never let them sit out, or they can easily dry out and crack.

Taking out your dentures is essential in order to clean them properly. You should always make sure to soak them in some form of a denture-cleaning solution. Make sure before putting them back into your mouth that you have washed them off with water. Never use any form of abrasive products on your dentures. This can include bleach or teeth whiteners. Also, be aware of that hot water can easily warp or damage your dentures. If for any reason you suffer from any form of damage to your dentures, bring them into your dentist for repairs.

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