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Have you done enough to keep your smile safe from the effects of halitosis, also known as bad breath? If bad breath is present, it means that there some sort of oral health ailment within your body. However, it can be treated if you understand was causing it. Make sure to implement an effective oral health care planning checklist to run through a list of all issues and options that could potentially be causing your halitosis, and treat it accordingly.

To prevent issues associated with plaque buildup on your teeth that contribute to bad breath, make sure you’re eating healthy foods and practicing effective oral hygiene habits. Always make sure you’re cleaning your mouth on a daily basis. In addition, exercise caution with medications you’re taking as they can commonly contribute to bad breath.

Never be afraid to improve your lifestyle by removing unhealthy choices from your daily life. This can include smoking and chewing tobacco, which are known causes of bad breath. In addition, if bad breath is present, it could be a symptom of a deeper underlying condition such as a toothache or gum disease.

If you are suffering from bad breath from an underlying issue such as respiratory tract infection, or issues and problems associated with you liver and your kidney, they will need to be repaired and restored if you wish to eradicate any bad breath ailments that continue to occur.

Is it your desire to further enhance your oral health care and your smile with halitosis prevention? Our team at Alaska Smile Center looks forward to improving your smile with halitosis prevention. To book an appointment at our dentist office in Kodiak, Alaska, please contact Dr. Joel Wiersum and our team by calling us at 907-486-3475. Contact us soon so we can bring you in for a comprehensive oral examination to improve your oral health care.