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Dentures are the traditional go-to option for tooth replacement. They are typically removable, cost friendly, and an overall effective method of tooth replacement. We are pleased to offer you four excellent options for dentures to help you restore your smile to its original glory:

– Conventional full dentures: This appliance is placed only after any remaining teeth have been extracted and the surrounding gum tissue has healed. As a result, it may take some months before you can receive your new teeth, but they will be customized to the new shape of your jaw.

– Immediate full dentures: True to the name, immediate dentures are placed directly following the removal of any remaining teeth to give you the benefit of teeth when you leave the dental office. However, this means you will need to have your dentures relined after a few months.

– Partial dentures: A metal frame anchors to your remaining natural teeth and the denture appliance is placed on top to fill the gaps left by missing teeth.

– Implant-retained dentures: This is a very cost-effective method that involves using dental implants to securely place dentures in your smile and ensure that they stay in place. The presence of dental implants greatly improves the look and feel of the dentures.

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